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Left to Right: Kirsten Maggard, Victoria Garrison, Courtney Hill, Evan Davis, Kai Shand, Koltin Walker, Hannah Parker, Mariah Aldrich, Kylie Purdome, Jaron VanHouden, Kayla Purdome, Rose Ramsey

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Academic Team Hosts Sparta

writethinker : January 4, 2019 8:41 AM : Quiz Bowl

On January 3, 2019, the Chadwick Academic Team hosted a match against Sparta.

In the varsity match, Sparta won 330-280. Chadwick’s lead scorer was sophomore Kayla Purdome with 70 points. Senior Mariasole Rampin added 40 points and sophomore Kylie Purdome added 10 points. Team captain junior Courtney Hill contributed during the bonus.

The junior varsity match was a nail biter. The match was tied at the end of regulation 230-230. The teams entered a tie-breaker round during which the first team to answer three tossup questions correctly would be declared the winner. Each team answered two questions correctly, putting the match into a sudden death situation where the next team to answer a tossup correctly would win. Sophomore Jaron VanHouden rang in to answer a question about cell walls to clinch the victory. The final score was 233-232. Jaron had 20 points overall. Freshman Orville Booher and Katie Sallee each scored 40 points, and freshman Bianca Mitchell served as team captain and added 10 points.

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Academic Team Hosts Bradleyville

writethinker : December 6, 2018 3:36 PM : Quiz Bowl

The Chadwick Academic Team hosted Bradleyville on December 6, 2018 at 1PM.

The varsity squad lost 190-100 with Nathan from Bradleyville leading all scores with 50 points.

Kylie Purdome led Chadwick with 30 points. Kayla Purdome and Jaron VanHouden also added 20 and 10 points each respectively. Team Captain Courtney Hill assisted on the bonus questions. Chadwick was without their lone senior, Mari Rampin.

The Chadwick junior varsity team defeated Bradleyville 70-60. Freshman Bianca Mitchell was the high scorer with 30 points, while Mariah Aldrich added 20 points, and Katie Sallee added 10 points. Orville Booher assisted on the bonus.

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Academic Team Places Third in MTC Tournament

writethinker : November 15, 2018 10:49 AM : General, Quiz Bowl

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, the Chadwick Academic Team traveled to New Covenant Academy in Springfield for the annual Mark Twain Conference Quiz Bowl Tournament.

NCA went 5-0 to sweep the tournament and take first place. Bradleyville had the tournaments top overall scorer and took 2nd place overall. Chadwick placed third overall with senior Mari Rampin leading the team with 60 points from tossups. Junior Courtney Hill added 10 points, while sophomore Kayla Purdome and Kylie Purdome added 40 and 20 points respectively.

Chadwick lost to NCA in the opening match (190-50) and then to Bradleyville (130-60).

In the third match they defeated School of the Ozarks for the first time ever with a score of 90-40.

They went on to win 90-20 over Hurley and lose a close match to Hurley (100-80).

There was also a junior varsity division consisting of only Chadwick and NCA. Chadwick’s junior varsity defeated NCA in three out of four matches. Sophomore Jaron VanHouden led all scorers with 70 points on the day. Freshman Orville Booher added 50 points. Sophomore Mariah Aldrich and freshman Katie Sallee each added 10 points.

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Academic Team Competes in Sparta Fall Tournament

writethinker : October 29, 2018 9:44 AM : Quiz Bowl

The Chadwick Academic Team competed in the Sparta Fall Tournament on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

The tournament was hosted with help from the Missouri Quiz Bowl Alliance. Eighteen teams participated in total, including some teams from much larger schools like Kickapoo, who went 10-0 and won the tournament. The morning consisted of five matches that allowed tournament officials to seed teams into two pools: the top six teams moved into the “championship pool” while the remaining twelve teams battled it out in the “consolation pool.”

Chadwick got off to a disappointing start, losing their first three matches. (For this tournament, a full match was made up of twenty tossup questions with three-part bonus.) In their first two matches, they correctly answered only three tossups per game and lost to Sparta’s JV (110-40) and Eldon (280-50). Chadwick answered just four tossups in the next game, losing to Blue Eye’s JV (170-70). The low point of the day came in the following game when they were skunked by Thayer 360-0. (Thayer later lost to Kickapoo in the championship to finish second overall.)

But then, fired up by a pep talk by Mari “The Ballpeen Hammer” Rampin, the team rallied in the final match of the morning, upsetting Sparta’s varsity 90-70.

In the afternoon’s consolation round, the team performed well, going 2-2 overall. They lost the first match by a single answer to Blue Eye (110-100) before defeating Pierce City 130-20 behind team captain Courtney Hill’s sixty points. In a heartbreaking third match, Diamond came back from a 100-point deficit to win with a correct answer on the final question (130-110). The Chadwick team ended the day with a win over Thayer’s junior varsity (140-120) to secure a .500 finish in the afternoon bracket.

Sophomore Kayla Purdome led the team in individual scoring for the tournament, scoring 120 points. Junior Courtney Hill was close behind with 110 points. Senior Mari Rampin added 90 points; sophomore Kylie Purdome added 60 points; and freshman Orville Booher added 10 points. Freshmen Bianca Mitchell and Katie Sallee did not answer any tossups, but contributed during the bonus questions.

The team’s overall record for the day was 3-6, but Academic Team Coach Tyler Walker said he was very proud of his team: “They showed great sportsmanship. We won and lost with dignity.” He added, “I think now we have a better idea of what we need to do to prepare for the rest of our season. We were just a couple of right answers away from winning four out of four matches in the afternoon. I hope this tournament makes us hungry for the win and inspires us to study like winners.”

The team will compete in a conference tournament on November 8, the Battle of the Brains on February 9, the SBU History Bowl, and the district tournament on April 6. They are also trying to schedule individual matches against other local schools such as Bradleyville, New Covenant, Niangua, and Sparta.

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2nd Place in Districts for Second Year in a Row

writethinker : April 14, 2018 6:37 PM : Quiz Bowl

On April 14, 2018, the Chadwick Academic Team traveled to Koshkonong High School for the district tournament.

The team played Koshkong, Lutie, and Bakersfield in the morning and went undefeated, earning them a first place seed in the tournament.

Evan Davis, Courtney Hill, and Kayla Purdome all earned medals for overall scoring, placing second, fourth, and sixth respectively.

The tournament, which was played after lunch, began with a second Chadwick victory over the home team.

Chadwick advanced to the district championship round where they faced Bakersfield for the second time that day. The score was tied at the end of the third quarter, but Baskerfield pulled away in the final round, winning by just five questions.

For the second year in a row, Bakersfield advanced to sectionals, but with the top scorers for both Bakersfield and Chadwick graduating this spring, anything could happen next year.

The team ended the year with a record of 9-4.

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Academic Team Competes in History Bowl

writethinker : February 26, 2018 6:02 PM : Quiz Bowl

The Chadwick Academic Team traveled to SBU Campus on Monday, February 26, 2018, to compete against 45 other teams in their annual History Bowl.

The event was easily the largest competition a Chadwick academic team has ever attended and was in a paper-and-pencil test format, rather than the usual tossup-and-bonus buzzer format.

Each team was given ten questions in ten categories for a total of 100 questions. Chadwick placed toward the bottom of their division, scoring a 40 out of  a possible 100. Two homeschool teams from Bolivar took first and third in the small schools division, while Springfield Catholic placed second.

Academic Team Coach Tyler Walker said, “The paper-and-pencil format was new to us, but we did alright, and I think everyone had a great time. Hopefully next year we’ll study a little harder and be more competitive.”

The Chadwick Academic Team consists of seniors Evan Davis and Tory Garrison; sophomores Courtney Hill, Hannah Parker, and Koltin Walker; and freshmen Kalya Purdome, Kirsten Maggard, Kylie Purdome, Jaron VanHouden, and Mariah Aldrich.

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Academic Team Places Second in MTC

writethinker : November 9, 2017 6:08 PM : Quiz Bowl

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, the Academic Team competed at the MTC Quiz Bowl Tournament at Hurley.

Chadwick lost to a well-rounded School of the Ozarks team in the final round after defeating Everton, Hurley, New Covenant Academy, and third-place finisher Bradleyville. The game against New Coventant went into overtime, the first ever recorded for a Chadwick academic team.

Chadwick senior Evan Davis led the tournament in scoring with 180 total points. Junior Courtney Hill also contributed 60 points. Other team members included senior Tori Garrison; junior Kai Shand; sophomores Hannah Parker and Koltin Walker; and freshmen Mariah Aldrich, Kirsten Maggard, Kayla Purdome, Kylie Purdome, Rose Ramsey, and Jaron VanHouden.

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How the Jeopardy Buzzer Works

writethinker : September 15, 2017 2:25 PM : FB, Quiz Bowl

Read the not-so-simple way they ring in and why.

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Davis Leads Team to Win over Ozark

writethinker : March 7, 2017 12:51 PM : Quiz Bowl

The Chadwick Academic Team competed in the Reeds Spring Invitational Tournament on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

The tournament featured some of the area’s biggest schools, including teams from Kickapoo, Branson, Nixa, Ozark, Willard, Republic, Logan-Rogersville, Springfield Catholic,  Bolivar, and Buffalo. Of the twenty-two varsity teams in attendance, Chadwick was by far the smallest school represented. Nonetheless, Chadwick defeated Ozark in head-to-head competition and out-performed not only Ozark, but other big schools such as Logan-Rogersville, Reeds Spring, and Republic.

Chadwick junior Evan Davis was among the top 12 overall individual scorers with a total of 180 points. Fellow junior Tyler Gardner added 90 points; freshman Courtney Hill added 50 points; and senior Haley Farris added 30 points. Freshman Koltin Walker and junior Tori Garrison contributed in the bonus rounds.

Academic Team Coach Tyler Walker said, “When we signed up for the tournament, we had no idea we would be facing all the biggest schools around. When we got the list of teams a few weeks later, I was nervous about how we would do. We really did very well considering the quality of the competition. We didn’t bring home any trophies, but we didn’t get skunked either.”

The Academic Team will compete in the district quiz bowl tournament on Saturday, April 8, 2017, in Bakersfield.


via Chadwick School

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Quiz Bowl Jargon

writethinker : February 28, 2017 9:58 AM : Quiz Bowl, X
to spew multiple answers to a toss up; legal when it is a creator and his/her work, usually not
appreciated, but you have the small chance of arguing for moderators taking the first answer you said
if you say the right one and then blitz the wrong answer
buzzer block
when you neg a question that one of your teammates would have been able to answer
difficulty drop off
(aka difficulty cliff)
when two parts of a bonus are either easy or hard, and the third part is the exact opposite
mem or membowl
short for memorized; when you’ve heard a similar tossup and get it solely because you remember what the answer was
to buzz in first and get a question incorrect, resulting in point loss and/or locking out your teammates
observer effect
the perception that you know more tossups than in the rounds you aren’t playing,
to buzz in early enough in a tossup to receive extra points (not available in all formats)
points per game, from the tossups answered by a player
what a moderator says when you have given an answer that is too general or maybe
sometimes too specific
real knowledge
when you’ve actually read/studied the subject in question, usually helpful on
bonuses that ask for a component of one of the other parts
clues that come up often for a particular tossup answer that players reflex buzz based solely
on the connection
to get full points on a bonus; ex. “We thirtied that bonus on European art.”
short for vulturing; buzzing in on a tossup before the end, after the other team has negged
on it; excusable when there’s a chance the question could still be in power, inexcusable when you do it
solely to beat another member of your team, or when you get it wrong
(this is known as “the cardinal sin”)
a form of vulching where  another member of your team has claimed the tossup by holding up his/her buzzer and you buzz in and take it instead
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