“Making an Outline” [Video]

This video does a pretty good job explaining how to outline for an essay. Keep in mind that you want to keep your ideas as short as possible so they are easier to see at a glance and that you don’t need to use roman numerals if you don’t want to. Dots and dashes or arrows and stars work just as well. The important thing is making each level distinct. Also, it is a good idea to write your complete thesis statement at the top of your outline rather than just the topic.

Terrible Products, Great Ads [Video]


The freshmen presented advertising campaigns for a line of terrible products today and used a wide variety of propaganda techniques to make them all sound pretty great. From Shampoop (“Now with Real Corn!”) to the edible tie (“Eat them anywhere at anytime. During a meeting, or walking in public…even when bathing your grandma!”), these products were truly awful, but you could barely tell!

shampoop tunafreshner

Watch Taylor’s commercial for edible paper:

Update 1/14/2016

The sophomores presented their bad product ideas today, featuring Tornado in a Box, Big Mac Body Wash, a nuclear-powered toothbrush, and a trash can you can wear.

Listen to the radio spot for Tornado in a Box here.

Be sure to check out Tori and Makiya’s informercial for Trash Pal below. If I had been watching it at two in the morning, I’m pretty sure, I would have called up and placed an order.

How to Cite a YouTube Video

To cite a YouTube video, you will want to use the format for online film or video.

Author’s Name or Poster’s Username. “Title of Video.” Online video clip. Name of Website. Name of Website’s Publisher, date of posting. Web. Date retrieved.

Here is an example:

Studio C. “The Restaruant of Life – Studio C.” Online video clip. YouTube. 28 Sep. 2015. Web. 27 Oct. 2015.