Romeo and Juliet on Broadway…Again!

The freshman English class has been writing plans for their own Broadway musicals mirroring the plot of Romeo and Juliet. Here are some of the highlights:

Bob: (singing) As a bird with a broken wing
like a sheep in a lion’s den
gonna fall, but you won’t know when…

Michael: (singing) Come at me bro! Wanna donate some blood?/They call me Mr. Phlebotomist!

Alice: (singing) I don’t know. I feel like someone else is out there. Someone I have never met before.
Gabriella: (singing) How do you know his is out there?/He could be a stalker?

Trump: I’m not saying they can’t come to America.
I’m not saying that at all.
All I want is to build a wall!
Trump & Americans: (singing) Trump’s wall! Trump’s wall!
We all love Trump’s wall!
Some say it’s bad.
Some say it’s expensive,
but we don’t care because it’s Trump’s Wall!
Trump: (singing) My wall is so big–but expensive–but who really cares? I’m a billionare!
-Z.L. & B.W.

Ryan: (singing) Do you belive in Miracles?
Because right now, I really do!
Fiona: (singing) This is truly mystical…
Ryan and Fionna: (singing)…finally meeting you!
-M.A. & C.R.

Mary: (singing) How could I be so dumb?
I don’t understand.
My whole life is almost done
and I’m still young!
-T.V. & J.V.

Johnny: (gasping) Not Jenny!
Zakiko: It’s true!
Johnny: It can’t be! Not you!
Zakiko: (singing) Yes, I’m afriad it is real.
Johnny: (singing slowly) But you’re a Muslim…
And she’s Christian…
Ugh! I don’t know how to feel!

Don the Dog: (singing)Oh, since the time I saw you…
I knew you were the one for me…
You were like no other.
You were the cat of my dreams.
I know that we are different.
I’m a dog and you’re a cat,
but past that fact…
There’s only one cat like youuuu!

Emily and Jorge:(singing while slowdancing) A rose by any other color
would smell just as sweet as any other!
Jorge: (singing and swaying) Who cares about our heritage?
Emily: (stopping) I don’t!
Jorge: (contining to sway) Who cares about our skin?
Emily: (stopping again) Not me!
Emily and Jorge:(singing) We’re free!

The Kyrsten Show



Today on The Kyrsten Show, Kyrsten interviewed the players involved in the feud in Verona, including (from left to right) Paris, Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet, Romeo, and Lady and Lord Montague.


When it was time to assign blame for the troubles between the two families, there was a lot of finger-pointing going on.


Lord Montague and his family traced the origins of the feud back to an ill-fated community barbecue in the sweltering backyards of Verona. Lord Montague blamed the start of the feud on the heat of the day–and of course, the actions of the Capulets.


But it was Romeo who ultimately felt the heat on stage as a surprise guest–his former love Rosaline–took the stage, telling of Romeo’s recent infatuation with her. Juliet and Rosaline fought for their man in classic talk show style:

Juliet: You’re the devil!

Rosaline: I’m an angel!

Juliet: You’re the devil!

Roasline: I’m pure!

Juliet: You’re the devil!

Rosaline: I’m pure! I’m pure!

Romeo eventually admitted that if Juliet was out of the picture and Rosaline wanted him, he would probably go to her, illustrating to the studio audience that even when friends, family, and fate might fail to destroy a relationship, daytime television could still prevail.