Quiz Bowl Team Takes Second in MTC Tournament

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the Chadwick Quiz Bowl Team finished second overall in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament with a record of 3-1.

The tournament was a complete round robin of participating conference schools, and Chadwick’s only loss came at the hands of School of the Ozarks, who took top honors, finishing the tournament undefeated. SofO’s senior Coby Mitchell led the tournament in scoring overall, totaling 430 points.

Sophmores Evan Davis and Tyler Gardner led the Cardinals in scoring, racking up 180 and 140 points respectively. Junior Shyanne Sena added 50 more points; sophomore TJ Sanchez contributed 40 points; and sophomore Luke Walker and freshman Destiny Nelson each added 10 points.

Sophomores Kyrsten Armato, Cameron Kutchko, and Tori Garrison contributed to scoring in the bonus rounds.

Quiz bowl coach Tyler Walker said, “We’re a young team, mostly sophomores, and everybody was brand new to quiz bowl, so I thought we did very well. The kids were surprised, I think, at how well they did, but I knew they would do great.”

Team Captain Kyrsten Armato said she is ready for next year and says the key will be “more practice.”

Mr. Walker added, “If the core of this group stays interested and applies themselves, they’ll be quite a force by the time they are seniors.”

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Memorable Quotes from the 2011-12 MTC Quiz Bowl Tournament

Above: A little math computation!


1. Wacky Moderator: “Zena?–Is that your real name?”

2. Wacky Moderator: “Hahn? What does your name mean in the original German?”


Jessica: “‘You put it on your head.'”

3. Ashlee: “Not even on Facebook.”

4. Elizabeth: “Miller.”

5. Wacky Moderator: “These fasteners are installed by applying a pneumatic hammer to their ‘factory heads’; that drives their ‘bucktails’ into a bucking bar, which deforms them so they can’t be withdrawn–Sounds like my ex-husband!”

Quiz Bowl: the only place in high school where the Vulcan Salute won’t get you trashcanned.

The first meeting of the quiz bowl team went well despite the absence of several key members. Returning member Jon Graif was joined by a handful of redshirts in a spirited battle of the minds that ended in an exact tie: 25 to 25. Topics for next week:

I shoulda said ‘Caesar’!

What’s the Capital of Guatemala?

& Things that Weigh Exactly 155 lbs.