Romeo and Juliet on Broadway…Again!

The freshman English class has been writing plans for their own Broadway musicals mirroring the plot of Romeo and Juliet. Here are some of the highlights:

Bob: (singing) As a bird with a broken wing
like a sheep in a lion’s den
gonna fall, but you won’t know when…

Michael: (singing) Come at me bro! Wanna donate some blood?/They call me Mr. Phlebotomist!

Alice: (singing) I don’t know. I feel like someone else is out there. Someone I have never met before.
Gabriella: (singing) How do you know his is out there?/He could be a stalker?

Trump: I’m not saying they can’t come to America.
I’m not saying that at all.
All I want is to build a wall!
Trump & Americans: (singing) Trump’s wall! Trump’s wall!
We all love Trump’s wall!
Some say it’s bad.
Some say it’s expensive,
but we don’t care because it’s Trump’s Wall!
Trump: (singing) My wall is so big–but expensive–but who really cares? I’m a billionare!
-Z.L. & B.W.

Ryan: (singing) Do you belive in Miracles?
Because right now, I really do!
Fiona: (singing) This is truly mystical…
Ryan and Fionna: (singing)…finally meeting you!
-M.A. & C.R.

Mary: (singing) How could I be so dumb?
I don’t understand.
My whole life is almost done
and I’m still young!
-T.V. & J.V.

Johnny: (gasping) Not Jenny!
Zakiko: It’s true!
Johnny: It can’t be! Not you!
Zakiko: (singing) Yes, I’m afriad it is real.
Johnny: (singing slowly) But you’re a Muslim…
And she’s Christian…
Ugh! I don’t know how to feel!

Don the Dog: (singing)Oh, since the time I saw you…
I knew you were the one for me…
You were like no other.
You were the cat of my dreams.
I know that we are different.
I’m a dog and you’re a cat,
but past that fact…
There’s only one cat like youuuu!

Emily and Jorge:(singing while slowdancing) A rose by any other color
would smell just as sweet as any other!
Jorge: (singing and swaying) Who cares about our heritage?
Emily: (stopping) I don’t!
Jorge: (contining to sway) Who cares about our skin?
Emily: (stopping again) Not me!
Emily and Jorge:(singing) We’re free!

Ayn Rand’s Anthem: The Musical

Members of the English II class are reading Ayn Rand’s┬ádystopian novella Anthem. When half of the class was unexpectedly gone for a choir field trip, we put off reading Chapter 3 and instead broke up into small groups to create a musical version of Chapters 1 and 2. (Oh, the irony!)

Students were given the option of recording their songs for bonus. They had about an hour to write, rehearse, and record.

Chapter One: “We Are Equality 7-2521.” Lyrics by Kailyn, Taylor, Rachel, and Jeffrey. Featuring Jeffrey, Kailyn, Rachel, and Taylor as Equality 7-2521.

Chapter Two: “Equality and Liberty.” Lyrics by Janson, Hailey, and Kenzie. Featuring Janson as Equality 7-2521 and Hailey and Kenzie as Liberty 5-3000.


Note: Not surprisingly, there has actually already been an adaptation of Anthem into the musical format. Check it out here.

The Very Model of a Modern English Student

Several sophomores and juniors from the English 2 & English 3 classes attended musicals at area high schools this November.

First they attended Central High School’s production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Kailyn Rozell enjoyed the play a lot. “It was kind of twisted and morbid, but I still liked it,” she said. Faith Wheelock said she liked it, but it was very scary: “The anticipation and suspense were killing me!…I mean it was a high school play, but the whole thing looked real!”

Next, students attended Parkview’s production of The Pirates of Penzance. Students who attended both productions seemed to appreciate the lighter tone of the latter musical. Landon Rozell said, “There was actually some humor, and I liked how the cast actually got off stage and interacted with the crowd. Not me, thank goodness, but I did think it was cool.”

Students received bonus points as an incentive to attend the musicals. There will likely be additional opportunities when other local schools present their spring musicals.

High School Musicals (bonus)

Some of the high schools in this area put on some very impressive productions. I would like for students to know about the opportunity to see great musicals acted out by their cohorts at what is usually a fraction of the price.

Since there is not a good one-stop resource to find out which musicals are being performed and when, I thought I would start a list of musicals for this school year.


Here’s where the bonus comes in. If you find information about upcoming productions and I post it, you’ll get 5 bonus points. Here are the requirements:

  • You must be in English II, English III, or High School Reading.
  • The musicals must be performed within 50 miles of Chadwick.
  • You have to be the first one to submit the information.
  • There is a limit of ten points per student.
  • You must submit all the required information.
  • There must be time for students to actually purchase tickets.

Leave the following information in the comments:

Title of Musical

High School Name

Date of Performance

Ticket Prices

Website Address

Phone number to order tickets


Bonus expires October 19, 2012.



Bonus: The King & I

If any middle or high school students are interested in attending the Springfield Little Theatre’s The King & I, I will be putting together an order for the February 11th performance at 7:30PM. Tickets are normally $25 each, but the student rate for the 11th is $8. Let me know by February, Thursday 4th.

There will be bonus opportunities for students enrolled in my high school courses. Ask me for details.