Terrible Products, Great Ads [Video]


The freshmen presented advertising campaigns for a line of terrible products today and used a wide variety of propaganda techniques to make them all sound pretty great. From Shampoop (“Now with Real Corn!”) to the edible tie (“Eat them anywhere at anytime. During a meeting, or walking in public…even when bathing your grandma!”), these products were truly awful, but you could barely tell!

shampoop tunafreshner

Watch Taylor’s commercial for edible paper:

Update 1/14/2016

The sophomores presented their bad product ideas today, featuring Tornado in a Box, Big Mac Body Wash, a nuclear-powered toothbrush, and a trash can you can wear.

Listen to the radio spot for Tornado in a Box here.

Be sure to check out Tori and Makiya’s informercial for Trash Pal below. If I had been watching it at two in the morning, I’m pretty sure, I would have called up and placed an order.