A Little Christmas Bonus

This bonus is designed to reward students for checking the website. Unlike most bonus assignments, you may not want to tell your friends about this one. Twenty bonus points will be given out in total across all my classes. Those twenty points will be split among all the students in all my classes who participate.  So, if just one students sees this and participates, he or she will get all 20 points. However, if twenty students participate, that’s just one point each.  To participate, write the words “I’m an English Elf!” on the back of your final exam. That’s it!

Rules are what makes art beautiful.

“There’s a tendency to think that art is finally the place where there are no rules, where you have complete freedom. I’m going to sit down at the keyboard and it’s just going to flow out of me onto the paper and it’s going to be pure art.–No! What you are describing is finger painting. Rules are what makes art beautiful.”

-Aaron Sorkin

Fall Musicals 2016-17 [Bonus]

Some of the high schools in this area put on some very impressive productions, providing great opportunities for students to see great musicals acted out by their cohorts at what is usually a fraction of the price. High School students in English 1, English 2, English 3, and High School Reading can attend any of the following performances for bonus points. More