Davis Leads Team to Win over Ozark

The Chadwick Academic Team competed in the Reeds Spring Invitational Tournament on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

The tournament featured some of the area’s biggest schools, including teams from Kickapoo, Branson, Nixa, Ozark, Willard, Republic, Logan-Rogersville, Springfield Catholic,  Bolivar, and Buffalo. Of the twenty-two varsity teams in attendance, Chadwick was by far the smallest school represented. Nonetheless, Chadwick defeated Ozark in head-to-head competition and out-performed not only Ozark, but other big schools such as Logan-Rogersville, Reeds Spring, and Republic.

Chadwick junior Evan Davis was among the top 12 overall individual scorers with a total of 180 points. Fellow junior Tyler Gardner added 90 points; freshman Courtney Hill added 50 points; and senior Haley Farris added 30 points. Freshman Koltin Walker and junior Tori Garrison contributed in the bonus rounds.

Academic Team Coach Tyler Walker said, “When we signed up for the tournament, we had no idea we would be facing all the biggest schools around. When we got the list of teams a few weeks later, I was nervous about how we would do. We really did very well considering the quality of the competition. We didn’t bring home any trophies, but we didn’t get skunked either.”

The Academic Team will compete in the district quiz bowl tournament on Saturday, April 8, 2017, in Bakersfield.


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Quiz Bowl Jargon

to spew multiple answers to a toss up; legal when it is a creator and his/her work, usually not
appreciated, but you have the small chance of arguing for moderators taking the first answer you said
if you say the right one and then blitz the wrong answer
buzzer block
when you neg a question that one of your teammates would have been able to answer
difficulty drop off
(aka difficulty cliff)
when two parts of a bonus are either easy or hard, and the third part is the exact opposite
mem or membowl
short for memorized; when you’ve heard a similar tossup and get it solely because you remember what the answer was
to buzz in first and get a question incorrect, resulting in point loss and/or locking out your teammates
observer effect
the perception that you know more tossups than in the rounds you aren’t playing,
to buzz in early enough in a tossup to receive extra points (not available in all formats)
points per game, from the tossups answered by a player
what a moderator says when you have given an answer that is too general or maybe
sometimes too specific
real knowledge
when you’ve actually read/studied the subject in question, usually helpful on
bonuses that ask for a component of one of the other parts
clues that come up often for a particular tossup answer that players reflex buzz based solely
on the connection
to get full points on a bonus; ex. “We thirtied that bonus on European art.”
short for vulturing; buzzing in on a tossup before the end, after the other team has negged
on it; excusable when there’s a chance the question could still be in power, inexcusable when you do it
solely to beat another member of your team, or when you get it wrong
(this is known as “the cardinal sin”)
a form of vulching where  another member of your team has claimed the tossup by holding up his/her buzzer and you buzz in and take it instead

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Chadwick High School
PO Box 274
7090 St. Hwy 125 S.
Chadwick, Mo 65629

Bradleyville vs. Chadwick


The cost per team was just $60 for up to six players* and included

  • Free soda and pizza from Hook & Ladder Pizza Co. for lunch
  • Free t-shirts for players and the coach
  • Medals for top scorers
  • Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place & consolation
  • Two-game guarantee with full matches
  • NAQT question set IS-163A
  • High-quality moderators with reading and/or quiz bowl experience

*The $60 covers one coach and up to six players. You can add extra players to your roster for $10 each. Extra sponsors, bus drivers, guests, or anyone else who would like a t-shirt and pizza can be added for $10, but we must have the headcount and money at the time of registration. (E.g., a team of six with one coach and a bus driver would be $70; a team with eight players and one coach, but no bus driver, would be $80.)\

Chowing down on 30 pizzas from Hook & Ladder!


We used the bracket below. The two teams who lost in the first round of the consolation bracket were eliminated after just two games, but everyone else played three full matches. We had three rooms going at once and there were five rounds. Seeding was determined randomly. 

Click here to watch the video of random seed selection.

The Finished Bracket

Click here for detailed results for each match.


8:30AM Check-In
9:00AM Round 1 (Red)
10:15AM Round 2 (Green)
11:30AM Lunch
12:15PM Round 3 (Orange)
1:30PM Round 4 (Blue)
3:00PM Presentations of Awards


Jim Fisher is a project manager at Hartman & Company.

David Hahn is a lead software developer for 40Digits.com.

Chase Hampton is the technology director and chess coach for the Chadwick School.

Making Quiz Bowl Great Again


Kayla Loveland
Shelby Weter
Destiny Nelson
Kayla Purdome
Kylie Purdome
Mariah Aldrich

The Timekeepers


School Mascot Enrollment
Spokane Owls 215 9-4
Bradleyville Eagles 108 2-2
Chadwick Cardinals 50 4-1
Exeter Tigers 118 ?
Greenfield Wildcats 122 12-7
Koshkonong Bluejays 113 3-5
Strafford JV Indians 387 0-0
Walnut Grove Tigers 80 0-6

Lakeland High School

Bakersfield (school-wide illnesses)


Tournament costs to the host school and the visiting schools were offset by our generous sponsors. (This tournament is not a fundraiser. We our aiming simply to provide everyone with a great experience and break even.)

Advanced Drainage Systems

Economy Tire & Muffler

Go Automotive

Kay’s Country Store

Holden Cremation & Funeral Services

Home Team Property

Hook & Ladder Pizza Co.

Humble Construction

O’Reilly & Preston

Ozark Eye Clinic

The Class of 99 Quiz Bowl Team

Town and Country Supermarket


2017 Sponsorship Information Flyer

Tournament Registration Form


Exeter – First Place

Greenfield – Second Place

Strafford JV – Third Place

Bradleyville – Consolation

Top Individual Performers

The top five overall scorers were awarded The Golden Thumb Award.

The Golden Thumb Award

Quiz Bowl Team Takes Second in MTC Tournament

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the Chadwick Quiz Bowl Team finished second overall in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament with a record of 3-1.

The tournament was a complete round robin of participating conference schools, and Chadwick’s only loss came at the hands of School of the Ozarks, who took top honors, finishing the tournament undefeated. SofO’s senior Coby Mitchell led the tournament in scoring overall, totaling 430 points.

Sophmores Evan Davis and Tyler Gardner led the Cardinals in scoring, racking up 180 and 140 points respectively. Junior Shyanne Sena added 50 more points; sophomore TJ Sanchez contributed 40 points; and sophomore Luke Walker and freshman Destiny Nelson each added 10 points.

Sophomores Kyrsten Armato, Cameron Kutchko, and Tori Garrison contributed to scoring in the bonus rounds.

Quiz bowl coach Tyler Walker said, “We’re a young team, mostly sophomores, and everybody was brand new to quiz bowl, so I thought we did very well. The kids were surprised, I think, at how well they did, but I knew they would do great.”

Team Captain Kyrsten Armato said she is ready for next year and says the key will be “more practice.”

Mr. Walker added, “If the core of this group stays interested and applies themselves, they’ll be quite a force by the time they are seniors.”

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