The Quill and the Skull

The Quill and the Skull is a semi-secret literary society for Chadwick High School students.

Once initiated, members will meet regularly to talk about great literature, share their own creative work, discuss the writing craft, and help compile a collection of works for publication online and in a school-wide literary magazine.

We will meet after school on each full moon during the school year. If you have questions, seek out The Bearded One.

Book nerds, aspiring writers, grammar nazis, amateur film-makers, poets, future librarians, slayers of real and imagined dragons, purveyors of irony, sci-fi nuts, bloggers, singer-songwriters, sniffers of old books, film buffs, and all those interested in the quill (writing) and the skull (thinking) are welcome to join! (Hardcore mathletes, actual Nazis, Stephen Spielberg, and ivory hunters are likely to be denied membership.)

Student Discovers Scepter of Truth

ScepterOfTruth ScepterOfTruth2

I noticed one of my students carrying around this novel, which featured a familiar cover.

The book was one of half a dozen novels that my now-defunct novels class wrote in 2007. We printed copies for the author’s friends and families, and we bought a copy for the school library, where Savanna found Scepter of Truth by Elizabeth DeWitt.¬† Unless they’ve been disappeared–I’m looking at you Mrs. Burkett!–there should also be copies of novels by Amanda Workman, Bobbie Clifton, Felisha Mitchell, Karen Nelson, and Casey Shortt.


The Beak [Free eBook]

The BeakThe Beak is a literary magazine that aims to showcase creative works produced by the students of Chadwick School.

Contributions were selected for publication and edited by members of The Quill & the Skull, the school’s literary society.

This is the first issue of The Beak and includes two-dozen original stories, poems, and artwork by Chadwick students.

You can download your free copy here.


Literary Magazine Call for Submissions [Bonus]

Earn bonus in any of my high school courses (excluding dual enrollment) if your submission is published in the Winter issue of the school literary magazine. (Short stories = 20 points Essay = 20 points Poetry = 10 points  Other Work (drawings, comics, artistic photography, etc.) = 5 points.) Please note that submission does not guarantee inclusion. See details below:

Chadwick School Literary Magazine: Call for Submissions

The Chadwick School Literary Society is looking for original creative works by Chadwick students to publish in our school literary magazine.

Short stories, poetry, essays, songs, comics, drawings, photography, and other creative works will all be considered. You may submit work from class assignments or that you completed at home. More