ENG 101 Rubric

Criteria ENG 101 Essay Scoring Guide ! + ~
Purpose Thesis and purpose are clear and closely match the writing task. Thesis is significant and develops fresh insight. 14 12 10 8
Beginning & Ending Introduction establishes interest, relevance, and approach to the topic. Conclusion is emphatic, but not repetitious. 14 12 10 8
Organization Sequence of ideas is clear and logical. Transitions are used effectively. Paper reads easily and maintains a natural rhythm. 14 12 10 8
Tone Tone is appropriate to audience and purpose. An effective balance of formality and accessibility is achieved through choice of words and details. 14 12 10 8
Support & Reasoning Fully supports thesis and purpose. Substantial, logical, and concrete development of ideas. Assumptions are made explicit. Details are relevant, original, and convincingly interpreted.

Uses sources when appropriate to support, extend, and inform, but not substitute for the writer’s own development of ideas. Combines material from an appropriate variety of sources and does not overuse quotes, particularly long ones. If applicable, sources are thoroughly and correctly documented.

16 14 10 8
Clarity Sentences are effective. Word choice is consistently clear, interesting, and precise. 14 12 10 8
Conventions Is essentially error-free in terms of usage, punctuation, grammar, etc. Avoids fragments and run-on sentences. It models the style and format appropriate to the context. 14 12 10 8
Key ! Consistent mastery   + Adequate mastery –Developing mastery ~Little or no mastery Total

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