Tentative Schedule for ENG 102

NOTE: This schedule is somewhat tentative, but will be kept up-to-date as the class progresses. Also, if you have problems accessing any of the reading materials, please email me immediately. Broken links will not be a valid excuse for not completing the readings on time. Do NOT procrastinate.

Week Date Due Topic
1 1/12 Introductions.
Syllabus Q&A.
What is academic writing?
Read and discuss “The Shusher and the Shushed” and “Movie House Etiquette.
 2 1/19 Read course syllabus.

Complete Writing Process Assignment (Part 1).

Read “All’s Not Well in the Land of the Lion King” (p. 251) and “College Students Resist Criticism of Little Mermaid”.

Attention activity.

Set up Google account.

Revisiting the writing process.

Cultural analysis.
Paper #1 prompt. Paper proposal.
Read and discuss “Outside The Big City, A Harrowing Sexual Assault In Rural India” and “Crime and Gender in India.”

 3 1/26 Writing Process Assignment (Part 2).<—-Wait for this.
Read “I Want to Be Miss America,” “Never Just Pictures,” and “There Is No Unmarked Woman” (p.431).
 4 2/2 Read “How Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back” and “To the Academy with Love.”
Outline due.
Read two of the selections on Rites of Passage:
Tiny desk conferences.
Rites of Passage.
Discuss scoring rubric and expectations for peer review.
5 2/9 Submit paper for peer review to Google Drive. If you aren’t sure how to do this, we will do it in class, but you MUST bring a digital copy of your paper. Share Google account info Peer Review.
Begin revisions in class.
 6 2/23 Paper #1 due via Google Drive Reflecting on Process.
Writing About History.
Paper #2 prompt.
Read “from Superfreakonomics.”
Prewriting Activity for “Hiroshima.”Modes of Persuasion and “The Argument for Eating Dog.”
7 3/1 Read “Hatsuyo Nakamura” and “Hiroshima.” Hiroshima response paper.
Read “Columbus Day: A Proclamation,” “Columbus and the American Holocaust,” and “The Destruction of the Indies.”
Academic Research. Practice evaluating sources. Incorporating sources.
3/15 Love Canal and the Poisoning of America” and “This Is the End of the
World – Black Death.” Outline due. Submit paper #2 for peer review to Google Drive.
Tiny desk conferences.
Peer Review.
 9 3/22  Paper # 2 due via Google Drive What is a Journalistic Essay?
Paper #3 prompt.
Interviewing strategies.
Mock interviews.
10 3/29 Read “The Gift.”
Use EBSCOhost to find model journalistic essays. (Click here for a screenshot with instructions.)
Interview questions due.Draft of interview questions due.
Share and analyze model journalistic essays in small groups.

Group presentations on model essays.

11 4/5  Outline due.
Draft of paper #3 for peer review uploaded to Google Drive.
Peer Review
Tiny desk conferences.
12 4/12  Paper #3 due via Google Drive. Paper #4 prompt.
Writing Critically About Literature.
Critiquing photographs.
Schools of criticism.
13 4/19 Read “Harrison Bergeron” and “The Politics of Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Harrison Bergeron.’” Sample analysis of film (brainstorming sheet).

Read Final Exam Instructions.

14 4/26 Draft of paper for peer review uploaded to Google Drive.
Outline due.
Peer Review.
Logical Fallacies.
 15 5/3 Paper #4 due via Google Drive.  Portfolio.
Final Exam
***”Classes that meet only one day per week will utilize the last regularly scheduled class for final
exams.” -Final Exam Schedule

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